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Finding a good home with Globe Property Management

   Arlyn Pasion and her family Patrick Neilan and his family
Arlyn Pasion and her family
Patrick Neilan and his family

Patrick Neilan moved to Winnipeg from Toronto five years ago. With a wife and four children, it wasn’t easy to find a good rental place that would fit their needs. Fortunately, they found Northwood Oaks in the Maples area.

“We like living here,” said Patrick. “Being half-Filipino, it’s nice to live around people who share the same culture. My seven-year-old son goes to nearby James Nisbet School. Although it’s small, it’s really a very good school. This area is pretty peaceful and is close to everything.”

That everything includes nearby schools such as Arthur E. Wright Community School, École James Nisbet Community School, and Maples Collegiate, which are all within walking distance, shopping, bus stops, a newly-opened walk-in clinic, and the Seven Oaks Hospital.

“I would recommend it to anybody who’s saving up until they could finally buy their own house.”

New immigrant Arlyn Pasion and her family moved to Northwood Oaks this past April. And she said they also like living there.

“So far, so good. It’s a really nice location, near grocery stores, schools and bus stops. We also looked at other places before, but when I saw Northwood Oaks, I said, ‘this is it!’ We also appreciate the fact that the caretaker responds to our concerns right away.”

Summer is also extra exciting for the kids because of their very own swimming pool.

“Our children love the pool! It’s a great way to cool down this summer, and it’s practically just outside our door,” Arlyn said.

Northwood Oaks at 1452 Jefferson Avenue and Shelard Manor at 200 Adsum are both professionally managed by Globe Property Management. Globe welcomes people from all walks of life and are treated to their very own home.

Dana Smith, Property Manager at Globe Property Management says they try to work with people as best as they can.

“Diversity in both buildings poses a unique living situation. As property managers, we ensure to the best of our ability that everyone is treated fairly and with the respect. We always encourage neighbours to talk to each other and, if required, we are always available to assist.”

Another thing that sets Globe apart from others is their diligence in making sure their buildings are very well maintained.

“Tenants are aware that we do regular renovations such as painting, making sure the area is well kept and clean. If there’s anything in their suite that needs attention, we promptly deal with it.”

Senior tenants who are on a fixed budget need not worry about security deposit, says Dana.

“We understand their situation. So seniors are not required to provide a security deposit and instead pay a half-month’s rent at the time of application and that gets applied to the first month’s rent. It’s really important for seniors who are usually on a fixed budget.”

So if you are looking for a place to rent in the Maples that is close to everything, safe and has reliable management, check out Northwood Oaks and Shelard Manor. Like Patrick, Arlyn and their families, let Globe Property Management assist you to find your new home.

Take a video tour of Northwood Oaks and Shelard Manor on YouTube.

Northwood Oaks pool   Shelard Manor Pool
Northwood Oaks pool
Shelard Manor Pool
living room bedroom kitchen