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World Vision Dec 2015 AD


World Vision’s Pinoy para sa Pinoy project

Mobilizing the Filipino community to help kababayans back home
Heddy found a second chance after Typhoon Haiyan

International aid organization World Vision has been working in the Philippines for more than 60 years. In 1954 it started helping in orphanages and day cares in Manila, to respond to the needs of some of the country’s poorest children. Today the organization is working to improve the lives of more than 16 million Filipinos, with a focus on helping the children who need it most.

A group of passionate Filipino employees at World Vision, who saw the difference the organization is making in the Philippines, had an idea. Understanding that many Filipino Canadians have a deep desire to help improve the lives of children, they volunteered their lunch hours and time to create a new way to connect the community here with kababayans back home. They are proud of the Pinoy Para sa Pinoy campaign, and excited about the impact it is making.

Two of the biggest issues the Philippines face are underemployment and malnutrition. Pinoy Para sa Pinoy is a way to help combat these issues. Filipino-Canadians can now donate $10, or more, a month for a specified time of three, six, nine or 12 months to powerful programs that will bring real and lasting change to Filipino families.

By choosing to donate to Goodbye Gutom, Canadians can help prevent child malnutrition; by choosing to donate to BalikBAYANIHAN, they support livelihood projects that will help parents provide for their families.

It will help people like Heddy and his family who did not escape the wrath of Typhoon Haiyan in 2013. It uprooted their house and wiped out their entire livelihood. Through assistance from World Vision and the government, they literally rebuilt their lives and started taking care of the family again through the organic garden cultivation. Now, Heddy’s backyard is not only the source of food for the family but an additional source of income. He sells surplus from his garden to earn about $200 US a month.

After the successful launch of Pinoy Para Sa Pinoy in the Toronto area, World Vision is reaching out to Filipino communities in Winnipeg and Vancouver with this exciting new way our kababayans can extend their generosity to our kababayans in the Philippines.

Mga kababayan, tara nang tumulong!

Visit or call 1-800-975-9064.

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