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John Feliciano: Culinary OlympianChef John Feliciano

by Judianne Jayme

The Filipino Food Movement has taken the world by storm with pop-up dinners and restaurants featuring Filipino food (with innovative twists and fusions) happening everywhere you look. Filipino chefs are really taking the spotlight in the wider community, and are entering various high-level competitions. I’m sure we have all heard of or watched our own hometown Filipino standout chef, Jeremy Senaris, and his rise to the first runner up position in Masterchef Canada.

One local chef to keep an eye on is John Feliciano, currently the Executive Chef of the Glendale Golf and Country Club. Feliciano is a member of the Canadian Culinary Federation (CCFCC) and he has an evident taste for culinary competitions, including the 2010 Centrex Iron Chef competition in Winnipeg. Early on in his career, this drive for competition earned him five Gold medals, four Best in Category awards and a Top in Show award at the annual Local Culinary Salon in Manila. He has recently gone to the international level of competition representing Culinary Team Manitoba at the 2012 Culinary Olympics, which was held in Erfurt, Germany. He will represent Manitoba once more in this year’s 2016 Culinary Olympics.

Catch Chef Feliciano in action at the upcoming Food-o-rama event at the Philippine Canadian Centre of Manitoba (PCCM). He will be present at the Kusina Showdown on August 7th at 12:00 p.m.

As a member of the CCFCC, he has taken on the role of mentor to other up-and-coming young chefs making their mark on in the culinary arts. A full feature on Feliciano and one of the students he mentors will be available in the next edition of Pilipino Express.