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 Hiring a lawyer

It’s 2 am on a Sunday morning and the phone rings. Do you answer it? If you do and it’s your boss calling you to tell you that he needs you to do something right away, do you do it? What if it’s a stranger calling you and they want to hire you for a job that needs to be done right away? What do you do? Most people would say, “Forget it. I’m not going to work this late!”

I found myself in this situation recently. My family threw a surprise birthday party for my sister April one Saturday evening at a local restaurant. It was a great success. Shortly after midnight my cell phone rang and since I was expecting a call I answered it. Instead of hearing a familiar voice, what greeted me was a lady who essentially wanted me to drop what I was doing so that I could go to a local hotel to prepare an “urgent promissory note” for her.

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