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Flu shots–for free

Winter is soon approaching and so it’s that time of year again to get a flu shot. By getting the flu shot you can protect yourself from catching influenza, otherwise known as the flu. Influenza is a viral infection that causes fever, headache, sore throat, runny nose, muscle aches and exhaustion. Unlike the common cold, the symptoms of the flu feel worse and can lead to more serious illness or even death. The flu can last long, cause complications and can be dangerous to the elderly. The flu virus can be more dangerous to those with weakened immune systems and those with chronic diseases. The illness is easily spread from person to person through direct contact of nasal fluids from blowing the nose or saliva droplets from coughing. One can carry and spread the flu virus without noticing any symptoms.

Help prevent the spread of the flu. Wash your hands with soap and water after blowing your nose or coughing on your hands. When coughing, cover your mouth with a tissue or with your arm instead of using your hands. Stay home if you are sick to prevent the spread of your germs. If you have flu symptoms, do not visit patients in the hospital or personal care homes.

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