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Another look at Express Entry

by Michael Scott

The Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program (MPNP) has been a great benefit to the province in terms of attracting needed workers for our economy. But the program was never the only option, nor is it the best option for some applicants. It is important that persons interested in immigrating to the province consider all their options. The Federal Express Entry program may be the best for you, or your family member and friends abroad.

When the program opened in 2015 it was almost impossible for applicants to qualify under the Comprehensive Rating System (CRS) if they did not have a confirmed Canadian job offer (LMIA approved) or a provincial nomination. Each of these was worth 600 points and was the primary determinant in the early Invitations To Apply (ITA) for their permanent residence. The CRS process has changed drastically over the past year with a noticeable decrease in the CRS points required and in the actual number of invitations to apply issued.

The most recent publication of the Canadian Immigration News has reported that between 750 and 800 ITAs were issued over the last 9 draws and to 1,000 in the latest draw. The minimum number of points in the Comprehensive Ranking System in this draw dropped to 491, representing a drop of 47 point since the previous draw. Persons who follow the monthly draws will correctly point out that 491 is higher than earlier draws in 2016 but the important thing to notice is that applicants who do not have the benefit of the approved Canadian job offer or provincial nomination have an increased chance of being invited to apply. A quick survey of draws since January 2015 demonstrates this point.

Comparative Rating System and Invitations to Apply

  Draw #  Minimum
CRS score
Date of Draw # of ITAs
1 886 January 31, 2015 779
2 818 February 7, 2015 779
5 481 March 20, 2015 1,620
9 755 May 22, 2015 1,361
13 451 July 17, 2015 1,581
17 450 September 18, 2015 1,545
21 472 November 27, 2015 1,559
25 453 January 13, 2016 1,518
29 473 March 8, 2016 1,013
37 482 June 29, 2016 773
41 538 August 24, 2016 750
42 491 September 7, 2016 1,000

There are a number of differences between the federal Express Entry with its CRS and EOI points under the MPNP. It is important to understand the selection process. Invitations to Apply (ITA) are not given to all interested parties, but only to a fortunate few. Potential applicants should understand that the MPNP does not accept submissions from persons who have an active submission, such as the Expression of Interest (EOI) profile with Express Entry. The MPNP requires applicants to make a choice and not submit overlapping applications. Foreign skilled worker applicants, even those with connections to Manitoba, should check their potential scores on both the federal and provincial systems in order to gage where they have the best chance of selection. The better option may be the federal Express Entry. Make sure you check your scores on both systems to ensure that you have the best chance of selection.

Michael Scott BA (Hon), MA, is a 30-year veteran of Canada Immigration and the Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program who works as an immigration associate with R.B. Global Immigration Consultants Ltd. (204) 783-7326 or (204) 227-0292. E-mail: mscott.ici@gmail.com.

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