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Aksyon ng Ating Kabataan

ANAK Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence 2020

Deadline: June 30, 2020

anak scholarshipANAK is pleased to present its fourteenth annual “Liwayway Scholarship for Leadership Excellence” to Filipino-Canadian students in Grade 12, who demonstrate a commitment to preserving and promoting Philippine heritage.

Two (2) scholarships of $500 will be awarded on July 31, 2020

To be eligible for this scholarship, the applicant must:

  • Provide official school transcripts demonstrating a B (70% or 3.0) grade point average or better in three 40S courses (including English)
  • Review the following resources:

° Danan, Karla. “Jezebel.” Youtube, uploaded by Karla Danan, 10 Dec. 2018.

° Madarang, Catalina. “The History Behind the Philippines’ Culture of ‘Colorism’.” Interaksyon, 11 Jun. 2018,

° Nadal, Kevin. “Out Talk with Dr. Kevin Nadal, Episode 1.1: Microaggressions.” Youtube, uploaded by Kevin Nadal, 15 May 2014,

° Pasion, Abby. “Addressing Toxic Behaviors in Filipino Families.” One Down, 7 Jan. 2020,

  • With reference to at least two of the articles and using the MLA style guide, complete a 500-word (two pages double-spaced) typed essay in response to the following question:

°How does an open dialogue about mental wellness impact the way Filipinos engage with the global community in the future?

Successful applicants are subject to an interview process via Zoom on July 14, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.