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 Keeping the Filipino in Filipino-Canadian

There’s one question I absolutely hate. I cringe when I hear it. I am bothered when I’m asked it and truthfully, I never know how to answer it. It’s that infamous inquisition, “What are you?” or “Where are you from?” that always leaves me uneasy. It bothers me that no one seems to understand how stupid those questions really are. It infuriates me more that no one seems to hesitate when they ask them. Perhaps it is simply curiosity that urges them. Yet, I feel as though I am forced to justify my Canadian nationality. In all honestly, I can do without the bewildered ignorant looks and yes the stupid assumptions too.

Technically when you are born or raised in Canada you are Canadian. However, when you are born of immigrant parents things tend to get complicated, more so, if you are categorized as a member of the “visible minority.” So for myself, and thousands of other first-generation Canadians, it would appear that two strikes are already against us. Face it, saying “I’m Canadian” will convince no one. They will look at you as if you are only admitting a half-truth.