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 When I Grow Up

When I was younger, in elementary, I could not wait to grow up. I thought with every birthday that passed, I would be closer to being a grown up. Being a grown up meant independence, getting a part-time job and possibly falling in love; it meant becoming a dalaga [young lady] and having a debut; it meant being looked up to as a good role model, an ate. I was eager to start driving, earn my own money and graduate from high school. I had no idea that there was a lot more to growing up. Now at twenty-two, my prior view of being a grown up has evolved as I have surpassed my elementary days. But I have achieved my younger ambitions; I graduated from high school, worked part-time and I have even survived my first broken heart. I had my year of debuts, and have many kapatids that call me ate from the ANAK in-school mentorship program. I have learned that growing up is growing older, meaning many more responsibilities than finding a dress to where for my graduation.

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