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A Bit of Burgos by Dale Burgos

I can’t believe my P.E.Eyes

by Dale Burgos

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Confederation Bridge, the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water, connects Prince Edward Island to New Brunswick.
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Izzy of Green Gables”

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. Canada is a great country. My guess is you knew that already.

I’m feeling pretty thankful these days. Through my articles I’ve been updating you on the highs and lows my family has experienced in my “Gender Identity” series. By sharing our story, many other families experiencing the same challenges have reached out and I’ve been shocked that all our stories are very similar – instances of ignorance, narrow-mindedness and outright denial. Now why would I feel thankful? Well, because I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Businesses, schools and governments are taking a hard look at protecting the rights of every Canadian.

Our human rights case is continuing, and the Manitoba Human Rights Commission has informed us that we will be moving ahead to the adjudication process. What that means is that the Commission has determined that no reasonable offer was made by the school division and an assigned lawyer will look at our case and make a ruling. I’m confident change is coming, and change is good.

Speaking of change, it looks like this great country of ours wanted it and got it. Like many of you I was glued to the TV on Monday, October 19, 2015. I’m not talking about the Blue Jays game or the release of Drake’s new music video, but rather the federal election.

I heard that voters were experiencing long line-ups, and that we saw record amounts of voters on election day and at the advanced polls.

I fully expected that we would wake up the next day with a new Prime Minister, but I don’t think that anyone could have predicted the “red wave.” I’m never one to talk about who I vote for or if I lean left or right. But I’ll tell you this, I too was hoping for change. That is what makes this country so great. For me, it doesn’t matter if you are red, blue, orange or green, let’s just be thankful that we live in a democratic society.

It looks like Mr. Trudeau is off to a great start. During his campaign, our soon-to-be Prime Minister had publicly shared that the Liberal government will recognize the human rights of transgender individuals. Let’s see how Mr. Trudeau follows up.

As it turned out, my wife, Izzy and I were visiting Charlottetown, PEI, during the federal election and I found it a bit exciting that I was watching the election in a hotel room only blocks away from the birthplace of Canadian federation. Seeing the sea of red begin on the east coast and continuing on across the country was an historic moment for me.

Have you ever been to the east coast? If you haven’t, but get the chance, you need to visit. This time of year you may experience a slight chill in the air and a little wind, but the fall colours are a sight to be seen!

We first flew into Halifax and visited the Citadel National Historic site. We also took a drive to Peggy’s Cove, a picturesque little east coast town. Lobster traps and fishing boats seemed to outnumber the locals. After a short drive through Nova Scotia and quick detour through New Brunswick, we ended up at the foot of the Confederation Bridge – the world’s longest bridge over ice-covered water.

Prince Edward Island did not disappoint. Along with miles and miles of postcard-worthy countryside, we drove past what seemed like a million potato farms that featured the island’s famous red soil. We also took a quick tour of the Anne of Green Gables Museum and ate some yummy lobster by the wharf.

When visiting Charlottetown, you can’t miss Cows Ice Cream Shop or Cows Desert Shop. Ask for chocolate covered lobster or their famous P.E.Eyes. Tell them Dale sent you.

Dale is the director of communications for a school district in British Columbia and continues to submit articles from afar.

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