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Write On! by Lucille NolascoSolenn Heusaff plays favourites

by Lucille Nolasco

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WINNIPEG – For one of the most popular faces in Philippine showbiz today, she doesn’t want to be labelled an “It Girl.” In fact, Solenn Heussaff doesn’t care much for the title.

Pilipino Express News Magazine recently caught up with the actress/singer during the Pinoy Food Trip festival held on September 2 and 3, in which Heussaff was the special guest.

“I didn’t really like it when people started calling me an “It Girl,” Heussaff said frankly. “It’s because I don’t get what’s “it.” We are all unique. I am me, you are you, different people have their own uniqueness.”

It is probably this uniqueness of hers that allows her to wear different creative hats: acting, singing, hosting, painting, fashion designing and make-up artistry. She also tried her hand in the restaurant business with a few friends.

“I think I’m more of an artist. I get bored fast. So I need to do several things. One thing I want to try is dancing. Although I think it’s a lost cause (laughs). My body can’t move the way I want it to.”

Currently, Heussaff is busy with the launch of her line of rugs. She said she loves interior designing, and rugs are still considered art. Her latest exhibit was for street children, where 20 per cent of her income went to the Kalipay Foundation of Bacolod City. To continue her support for the foundation, Heussaff is teaching art classes to children, and having them immortalize their artworks in a humongous rug.

“It’s called Kids Take ♥Art, as kids learn to give back and help other children.”

On the showbiz side of things, Heussaff is busy with a new TV series with popular actor Dingdong Dantes. She plays a villain this time, and asks that people understand that her hateful role, is just a role.

“Unlike my role as Cassiopeia in Encantadia, you will hate me in this new series. I’m also doing a fantasy movie with political flavour, together with Sam Milby, Lovi Poe and Angeline Quinto. We start shooting this October, and it will be shown next year.”

Heussaff said she likes to share her everyday life (sometimes her husband Nico Bolzico also co-stars) on Instagram and she has just started her own Youtube channel.

To end our fun interview with this kikay star, I asked her to play favourites with me:

  • Favourite colour – Black
  • Food – Sinigang
  • Drink – Negroni, an iconic Italian cocktail with gin, vermouth rosso, campari and orange peels
  • Song – It’s My Life by Bon Jovi
  • Dance music – Hiphop
  • Movie – American History X (1998) with Edward Norton
  • TV series – The Sinner on Netflix, with Jessica Biel
  • Top 5 places – (Hard!) Argentina, Portugal, New Zealand, Thailand and Italy
  • Cats or Dogs – Like them both, but prefer dogs
  • Shorts, pants or skirts – Shorts!

Asked if there’s anything else she wants our readers to know about Solenn;

“With me, it’s what you see is what you get, on and off camera. I would rather wear sneakers than heels. I basically share everything on Instagram. You can also check out my Youtube channel. I just started being a “millennial” (laughs). In there, I will be sharing very personal things, basically about everything in life.”

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