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Write On! by Lucille NolascoIn a predicament with predictions

by Lucille Nolasco


Some of the things I look forward to when the year comes to an end are the predictions for the coming year. I know, nobody really knows exactly what the future holds, but it’s always fun to read about them, right?

Most popular predictions are about someone’s luck and finances, love and relationships, career and health. People have a tendency to believe them if they are positive, but tend to scoff if the predictions go the other way.

Do I believe in them? This is what was predicted according to my zodiac sign:

“This 2017, you will have good opportunities to develop your relationships.”

“A time to look for a sideline or you can start your own business.”

“Find time to rest and not overwork yourself.”


The year 2017 had been very good for me in general. It started great, celebrating with beloved family and friends. As the months passed by, I met new friends and acquaintances that I would like to keep. I felt I opened more to people who share the same likes and interests.


Definitely! More than a passion, Zumba fitness became a part of my weekly routine. I just love sharing this fun fitness program with people. Zumba also paved the way for me to help local charities in raising funds and raise awareness for them – such as the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba and Diabetes Canada.

Work and rest

This past year, I was able to visit more places in Manitoba with my family for some R&R. Those precious moments will be forever cherished.

Just like weather forecasts, zodiac predictions can either hold true or not. In life, I believe that it’s important to reflect on what was, to arm ourselves for the present and for what the future might hold.

Happy New Year, everyone! 2018 is gonna be awesome!

Lucille Nolasco is an announcer and creative writer at CKJS Radio 810 AM in Winnipeg. She hosts Afternoon Pasada, Monday through Friday, from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. She is an ardent believer that “health is wealth” and she is a certified Zumba instructor. You can send your message or comments to Lucille at

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