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Jocelyn Joy Parotina

The rare vocal talent of Jocelyn Parotina

Thirteen-year-old singer Jocelyn Joy Parotina is thrilling audiences and turning the heads of music teachers and promoters in Manitoba. She took first place in her age group of the Kickin’ it Up Youth Karaoke contest at Charlee’s Restaurant on August 28 with performances of Whitney Huston’s I will Always Love You and Listen by Beyoncé. Her well-controlled performances of these difficult songs impressed the audience and judges alike.

Juliet LaFortune, organizer of the contest, hopes Jocelyn will go on to represent Manitoba in the World Karaoke Championships when she is old enough.

Earlier this summer Jocelyn also won first place in the Manitoba Youth Talent Contest at the Manitoba Stampede and Exhibition in Morris, Manitoba, winning a cash prize and a 45-minute set to perform at next year’s talent contest. She showcased her mature voice and vocal range with the song Stand up for Love by Destiny’s Child.

The daughter of Tyndall Park parents Eugene and Noel Parotina (originally from Nueva Vizcaya), Jocelyn has been taking formal music lessons for just three years at Keyboard Ventures where she has been awarded Vocal Student of the Year two years in a row.

“Both my husband and I have been in the music teaching business a long time and we haven’t seen talent like this for a long time,” says Sundae Zurylo, Jocelyn’s vocal teacher. “She has a tremendous amount of talent at such a young age and we definitely see her going places within the music industry.”

Currently, the young singer is writing some of her own songs.

From reports by Sundae Zurylo