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Emmie Joaquin


As the season changes, so do we. In our ongoing effort to enhance our service to our readers, we are introducing some changes in the Pilipino Express.

We welcome Jon Joaquin who has joined our team as our editorial writer direct from the Philippines. Jon will focus on Philippine issues. As a journalist based in the motherland, Jon will share with us his opinions and analysis of the social and political affairs of the nation. Jon is an alumnus of the University of the Philippines (Diliman) and at present, the Managing Editor of the Mindanao Daily Mirror in Davao City. For those of you who have asked, I am proud to say that Jon is my brother.

Jon Joaquin’s POV Philippines will now take the place of my Editor’s Note on the editorial page. While I, on the other hand, will begin a new column entitled Sangandaan (Crossroads) soon. Of course I will continue my role as Editor-in-Chief, working closely with my co-publishers, Rey-ar Reyes and Paul Morrow.

In the past few months, we have also added new columnists and contributors. We wish to officially welcome columnists Noel Lapuz (Batang North End), Michael Scott (Ask Tito Mike) and contributor/ photographer JB Casares to the Pilipino Express team.

Noel Lapuz’s column Batang North End is about life in Winnipeg. His down to earth approach in writing about an immigrant’s life has aroused the interest and curiosity not only of our local readers but also our many online readers from around the globe. Prior to immigrating to Canada, Noel worked in Dubai and Qatar. He was also a writer, host and actor for Bata-Batuta Productions in the Philippines. He is currently the Executive Assistant to Pt. Douglas Councillor Mike Pagtakhan.

Michael Scott’s column, Ask Tito Mike, tackles immigration issues. Michael joins us with a wealth of knowledge and experience in both federal (CIC) and provincial (MPNP) immigration.

JB Casares has also contributed historical articles and will continue to cover many local community events on behalf of Pilipino Express.

Change is good.

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