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Emmie Joaquin    New beginnings

It’s 2010! A new year has begun. Happy New Year!

What is it about the coming of the New Year that makes us think of changing for the better – as if the life we lived the previous year was not worthy of maintaining or reliving? As we change the calendars on our wall, we mull over how we would approach the days and months to come. Did we have dreams unfulfilled? Did we have tasks we did not accomplish? Did we have plans that remained on the drawing board? And my personal answers to these questions are – yes, yes and yes.

But I plan not to be too hard on myself. That’s the reason why I always look at the New Year as my new beginning. Even if there were dreams, tasks and plans that never materialized, I have another chance to review them and try to continue or finish them in 2010.

We have just gone through the first decade of the new millennium. Looking back, it was not a bad decade. There were trying years for sure but there were more good times than bad times. I am thankful. I have no complaints. This year, I will continue to dream and try to live them. I wish you the same.


In this issue of Pilipino Express, we focus on positive subject matters. Take a look at the articles written by our columnists and you’ll find inspiring ideas and thoughts that may guide us through our busy lives. For example, Yvanne Dandan writes about hope and looking at the glass of life as half-full instead of half-empty. Health 101 columnist Adrian Salonga gives us tips on how to live longer and to make our sedentary life active without spending a whole paycheque on gym fees. Lawyer Alona Mercado tells us that the New Year brings with it endless possibilities while HR professional Michele Majul gives us tips on how to kick-start a fresh New Year insofar as balancing our career and personal goals. And as usual, our family guy Dale Burgos makes us laugh.

Marck Salamatin writes about Winnipegger Chris De Guzman – now better known in the Philippine music scene as Zacariah – winning two major categories in the 22nd Awit Awards. The all Filipino-Canadian talent is now living his dream. We wish him a successful career not only in the Philippines but wherever his dreams may take him in the coming years.

Pinoy Pop Star’s Live Auditions

Calling all amateur singers, 18 years old (or older)! Remember that the live auditions for Pinoy Pop Star 2010 will be on January 5 and 12. Just drop in at the Hudson Room on the second floor of McPhillips Station Casino on those two dates between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. and sing.

This year, we make it very easy for our budding local talents to join. You will sing live in front of the judges. The judges are very flexible and they understand that there may be days when a singer may not be in the mood or in perfect shape to vocalize. If you don’t pass on January 5, you can still come back on January 12 and try again. There’s also a possibility that you may be asked to return on January 19th.  See, there are several chances for a good singer to shine and who knows, you may be in after the second or third try.

Tagalog songs?

We received a few calls asking if contestants could sing Tagalog songs. Yes, you can.

For more details, please read the mechanics of Pinoy Pop Star 2010 listed in page 24 of this issue. You may also call us at 956-7845 and we will gladly clarify the rules for you.


To all of you, we at Pilipino Express would like to thank you for the encouraging feedback you have been giving us. It is your opinion that matters to us and we hope you will continue reading and bringing home every issue of Pilipino Express. We enjoy being your reading companion and we hope to serve you even better in 2010.

From all of us at Pilipino Express, we wish you all a very prosperous New Year!

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