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KoR Winnipeg honours Rizal and Filipino youth

By Felino de Jesus
Andreah May Anterola
Felino de Jesus
Back l-r: Sir John Gano, Sir Les Crisostomo, guest, Sir Edgar de Leon, Lady Rose de Leon & Sir Glynn Davies. Front: Sir Eli Mones, Sir Dr. Tom Colina DMD, Sir Mohamed Alli & Sir Art Domingo

Last December was the 115th anniversary of the martyrdom of the Philippines’ national hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. On December 30, 1896, he was executed by firing squad following a sham trial that convicted him on trumped up charges of rebellion, sedition and conspiracy against the Spanish colonial state that ruled the Philippines.

The Knights of Rizal (KoR) Winnipeg Chapter and KoR Chapters all over the world commemorate this day every year to remember Rizal’s life and to reaffirm their commitment to keeping his ideals alive. The commemoration in Winnipeg began with a wreath laying at the Rizal Memorial, 2400 Portage Avenue, chaired by the Deputy Chapter Commander Sir Edgar de Leon.

The KoR Winnipeg Chapter honoured Rizal’s dream of educating the Filipino youth with their 2011 Youth Recognition Awards (YRA). This year, fourteen deserving young adults from several Winnipeg high schools received the award.

Ms Yzah Dianna Magpantay Macalintal of Kelvin High School’s International Baccalaureate (I.B.) program topped the list of awardees with a grade average of 99.2%. Yzah is the daughter of proud parents Marissa and Danilo Macalintal.

The thirteen other young awardees with grades averaging between 90.2% and 97.2% were: Nestor Luis Abarca, Kaye Amira Quizon, Kevin J. Rosario Fiestan, Jiezl M. Lacanilao Abaigar, Coleen I. Fronteras Valdez, Issiah B. Mandia Lozada, Jake Genese Manliguez, Andreah May Gumtang Anterola, Joseph Q. Joven Gille, Ginello L. Suarez, Megan Sumaya Carta, Gerard Francis Sales and Sheena Taway.

YRA recipient Adreah May Anterola said her that research on Rizal made her appreciate who Rizal is in the Filipino consciousness and how his ideals remain valid to this day

Several parents expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Knights of Rizal in encouraging the Filipino youth in their education and for making them aware of the national hero.

“We are very happy to contribute in a minute way and glad to admit that they make us proud to be Filipinos in Winnipeg,”said Chapter Commander, Felino de Jesus.

As part of the evening’s celebrations, Mr. Levy Abad, a former professor of Rizal’s life and work, gave a passionate reading of Rizal’s final poem, Mi Último Adiós.

The event was also graced by the presence of supportive former awardees Dr. Michael de Jesus Pokhoy and Dr. Jean Raphael Nepomuceno. In his speech Dr. Nepomuceno extolled the choices that Rizal made and the choices that the awardees must make – decisions that garnered him success in his studies and career.

Sir Councillor Mike Pagtakhan favoured the audience with a very informative speech.

Distinguished Service Medals from the Supreme Council in Manila were awarded through the KoR Winnipeg Chapter to recognize the hard work of members Sir Manny Fabre, Sir John Gano, Sir Edgar de Leon and Sir Glynn Davies.

Five members also received lifetime membership plaques this year. They were Sir Mohamed Alli, Sir Ed Kean, Sir Edgar de Leon, Sir John Gano and Sir Felino de Jesus.

A flower and candle offering to the memory of Dr. Jose Rizal capped the awards night.

The recipients and families of Knights of Rizal Winnipeg Chapter’s 2011 Youth Recognition Awards
Sir Terry Duguid, Sir Felino de Jesus, Sir Dr. Tom Colina, Sir Dr. Rey Pagtakhan, Dr. Jean Raphael Nepomuceno & Dr. Michael de Jesus Pokhoy
Sir Dr. Roland Guzman KGOR, Sir Dr. Tom Colina KGOR, Lady Sharon Colina, Sir Felino de Jesus KCR & Sir Dr. Rey Pagtakhan KGOR, MD, PC
Lifetime members (l-r): Sir Dr. Rey Pagtakhan, Sir John Gano, Sir Ed Kean,
Sir Felino de Jesus, Sir Mohamed Alli, Sir Edgar de Leon & Sir Dr. Roland Guzman


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