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   PHOTO 1 Volunteers from Lets Talk Science U of W CEM and AEWCS Teachers
 Volunteers from Lets Talk Science - U of W, CEM and AEWCS  Teachers
  Incoming CEM Board of Directors for 2022 2024
Incoming CEM Board of Directors for 2022-2024
  LTS student volunteers facilitate group workshop on resource conservationjpg
LTS student volunteers facilitate group workshop on resource conservation.
  CEM Group photo
CEM members and volunteers
  Workshop session
Workshop session

Caring for our Environment

Manitoba launches year-end events

Caring for our Environment - Manitoba (CEM), Inc., in partnership with Let’s Talk Science (LTS) chapter -University of Winnipeg (U of W) and Arthur E. Wright Community School (AEWCS), held A Climate Action Workshop for Grades 3 to 6 students at AEWCS in Winnipeg on November 19, 2022. A total of 72 students and 14 volunteers from LTS-U of W, CEM and AEWCS teachers participated in this event.

The three workshop stations led by Let’s Talk Science aimed to actively engage students to learn more about waste recycling, reduction and upcycling, clean water, water conservation and climate change, all while having fun. Workshop outputs included individual and group posters about water conservation and the 4R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse) and the students own microplastic filters.

CEM President, Dr. Ramon Faustino Sales Jr., along with Ms. Harpreet Panag and Dr. Porfiria Pedrina, AEWCS Principal and Vice Principal, respectively, also shared their own remarks about the significance of environmental protection and conservation. They challenged the students, teachers, and volunteer-students of the event to continue the important fight for our environment through collaborations such as the Climate Action Workshop.

The event was also supported by Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM), Recycle Manitoba, and the Canadian Beverage Container Recycling Association (CBCRA), which provided promotional items to the participating students such as reusable bags, pens, jar openers and recycling guides.

Following the Climate Action Workshop, CEM launched a year-end event to celebrate the holidays and to induct its incoming Board of Directors for 2023 – 2024. The event, with the theme Enhancing Community Knowledge and Action: Alternative Approaches for a Sustainable Future was held at the Tyndall Park Community Centre in on December 10, 2022.

The event was attended by CEM members, volunteers, and organization partners. The guest speaker for the event was Noelle Vong, Communications Coordinator at Multi-Material Stewardship Manitoba (MMSM). She also led the induction of CEM’s board of directors for 2023-2024 namely: Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr. (Chairperson), Mariciel Nuyda (President and Head of External Relations Committee), Mhaolene Leana B. Palevino (Secretary, Head of Information Committee), Garry Alejo (Treasurer and Head of Sponsorship Committee), Rizalina Cortez (Auditor and Head of Membership Committee), Mia Cortez (Head, Education Committee), and Joy Rimano (Member at-Large).

The event also recognized the outstanding work of three CEM members, namely, Mia Balansag Omerez, Aira Villanueva and Mhaolene Palevino. As well, the outgoing CEM Board of Directors were awarded certificates of appreciation for their important contributions to the organization. They were, namely: Ramon Faustino Sales, Jr., PhD (president), Nikki Mailom (secretary), Arlene Licardo-Lontoc (treasurer), Teody Leano (Auditor), Mariciel Nuyda, DEd (Head, Education Committee), Allan Pamplona (Head, External Relations Committee), Dario Cidro, PhD (Head, Information and Communication Committee), Gina Gabriel (Head, Membership Committee), Rizalina Cortez (Head, Sponsorship Committee) and Sheila Leano (formerly Head, Information and Communication Committee.

Certificates of appreciation were also given to CEM partner organizations for their continued collaboration on advancing shared organizational goals. These included the Let’s Talk Science – University of Winnipeg, Arthur E. Wright Community School, MMSM, Recycle Everywhere - CBCRA, FoodTrip Kitchen, and the Manitoba Filipino Street Festival. CEM also acknowledged the support of raffle prize donors, namely: Norman Garcia of MR. PEG and realtor Gina Gabriel, May Sales, and Rizalina Cortez.

Caring for Environment Manitoba is excited to continue its work to uphold its goals of enabling the Filipino community and the broader society to make informed choices and decisions through awareness and relevant knowledge and to collaborate and build meaningful partnerships with organizations in Manitoba and beyond to share resources and expertise to achieve common objectives.

Individuals who are interested to join CEM and to do volunteer work may send an e-mail to You may also visit CEM’s website for more updates at

– By Mhaolene Leana Palevino, the Incoming Secretary and Head of CEM Information and Communication Committee for 2023-24.