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UP alumni hold Tambayan and PalarOlympics

by Oscar Pantaleon Jr.

UPAA MB group by Paul Badion
UPAA‐MB members, family, and friends at this year's third Tambayan, which was recently hosted by Dr. Rey and Gloria Pagtakhan. (Photo by Paul Badion)
UPAA MB patintero photo by Gina Gabriel UPAA MB book Ann Evangelista
UPAA‐MB members Liesl Puentespina, Mario Muan (UPAA‐MB Membership Committee Head), and Ann Evangelista (UPAA‐MB Information and Communication Committee Head) playing patintero as part of the PalarOlympics during the recent Tambayan. (Photo by Gina Gabriel.)
Dr. Rey and Gloria Pagtakhan with Ann Evangelista (UPAA‐MB Information and Communication Committee Head) and her mom Bing Medrano, and Sunshine Teologo (UPAA‐MB Secretary) holding their copies of “Indomitable Canadian Filipinos,” written by UP alumna Eleanor del Rio Luquian. (Photo by Ann Evangelista)

Dr. Rey Pagtakhan hosted this year’s third Tambayan of the University of the Philippines Alumni and Associates in Manitoba on August 12, 2023.

“I am delighted to host Tambayan, a gathering of Iskos and Iskas,” shared Dr. Pagtakhan, in the course of planning the acvity with members of the UPAA‐MB Board of Directors.

Tambayan is a new project of the UPAA‐MB to foster camaraderie and cooperation among members. Invitation is extended to members and their families and friends, and also to those who support the vision and mission of the UPAA‐MB.

This recent Tambayan included PalarOlympics and a book highlight. It was coordinated by board members Sunshine Teologo (secretary), Mario Muan (membership committee head), and Ann Evangelista (information and communication committee head).

PalarOlympics is a fun and friendly competition held annually since UPAA‐MB was established in 2010. It features Filipino children’s street games such as patintero, tumbang preso, piko, luksong sako, and even Chinese garter. Participants are grouped into two teams named after the official colours of the State University, which are maroon and green.

Dr. Pagtakhan recruited new UPAA‐MB members and invited them to the Tambayan. Before the day ended, he introduced the group to a new book, Indomitable Canadian Filipinos, written by UP alumna Eleanor del Rio Luquian.

Attendance to the monthly Tambayan has been growing since the first gathering hosted by Teoddy and Ria Figueroa in June. In July, Danjae Medina opened his home to the UPAA‐MB for the second Tambayan. Members also participated in Tagisan para sa Iskolar ng Bayan, a pub quiz on UP, Philippine, and world trivia. Ruby Manalang emerged as this year’s Tagisan champion.

UPAA‐MB is now preparing for the Tambayan in September. Other upcoming events in the coming months are Isko Talks, Bursary Fundraising, and Annual General Meeting. All UP alumni in Manitoba are invited to join UPAA‐MB. E-mail for information.