43 pavilions in two weeks!
  Your guide to seeing it all • Update #2

By Judianne Jayme

We continue our quest to #SeeItAll for this year’s Folklorama. This is our review of our multi-continent travels for Day 2! Please see the previous article for Day 1 Updates (Celtic-Ireland, Alô! Brasil, Pearl of the Orient, and Caribbean Pavilions).

DAY 2 (Monday, Aug. 3)

United Kingdom Pavilion

Venue: Punjab Cultural Centre
1770 King Edward St.
Time: 3:45 p.m.

This pavilion is only in its second year, but it has so much to offer its guests, from a sheep herding demonstration, a bow-and-arrow station, a children’s play area, and many photo opportunities with characters and props throughout their cultural display. The theme of the pavilion is the Gathering of the Clans. Each performance includes a screen noting from which region it originates. The UK Pavilion brings together dances and music from Wales, England, Northern Ireland, and Scotland, and some storytelling is involved as we follow a young couple through their courtship. It was truly heart warming to see the distinct costumes from all 4 regions on stage at one time. Try the Rock Shandy beverage while you’re watching the show, and sing along to the interactive performances. Try your best to get the royal guard to crack a smile!